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ET Rocks Living Stone Pillows No.17 Cover Size 2

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To make our fun pillows more affordable and accessible, we are now offering the unique pillow covers. By purchasing pillow covers and filling it yourself, you're saving about 50% off retail price. The premium fiberfill such as EPE cotton or some other sorts of fillers can be purchased at your local Walmart and each pillow cover has a discreet zipper with it. This allows you to quickly fill your pillow with fiberfill and empty it just as easily when you want to wash the cover.

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    The Living Stones Rock Pillows had you in for a big surprise. They look so real that you expect them to be hard and cold but as soon as you sit on them you discover how warm and comfortable they are. Maybe you live near the sea which is about 20 minutes walk away from your house, but this does not guarantee you get to see it during the week. On weekends though, you like to venture out of the city and “recharge” yourself with a dose of nature.

    These pebble and boulder shaped cushions come in different shapes and sizes C from as small as a throw pillow to as big as a couch. True to nature, strewn around your living room or stacked together around your pool or garden, their form and colors give the impression of having your own private beach or river bed.

    There is something very impressive about hiking along river beds and canyons where you see the effects time and weather. These areas are always strewn with boulders and pebbles in beautiful shades of various colors, some with spider striping, some plain, asymmetric and in different sizes but all worn smooth to the touch. These weather-worn rocks are exactly what inspired our designers when they designed the “Living Stones”.



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      December 5th, 2018
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      December 5th, 2018
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