Stuffed Toys / Living Stone Pillows Wholesale

.moli_wholesale p a{background-color:text-decoration:none!important;color:#3879D9!important;border-bottom:#ccc 1px solid!important;} .moli_wholesale{color:#333!important;} .moli_addcom{color:#777!important;} .moli_wholesale p strong{font-size:1.2em!important;} is the most professional stuffed toys supplier located in China. Our aim is to provide the best stuffed toys at unbeatable prices. Our customers are coming from more than 150 countries and the customer amount is growing rapidly. Our high valued products and services gained a very high reputation from all over the world.


If your purchase amount reaches US$2000, please click here and register to be our wholesaler by selecting “Wholesale Customer” at Role option. Then you will enjoy special wholesale discounts.

Being our wholesaler, you will enjoy an automatic 20% OFF discount when your order total reaches US$5000, 25% OFF discount when reaches US$10000 and 30% OFF discount when reaches US$15000.

Additional comments:
1. If you are one of our regular customers who is planning to be our wholesaler, please click here and inform us your plan through your registration email address. We will add you to our wholesalers group within 1 business day.
2. If you want to be our distributer and expect to enjoy larger discounts. Please also click here and send us a message.

Stuffed Toys / Living Stone Pillows Wholesale