Living Stone Pillows

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  1. JULIE says:

    Like your pillow, it is to buy a few at home for the children to play, what do you want a few days could reach U.S.

  2. AMANDA says:

    Today received a pillow, from order to receipt only to the 10 days, you can not imagine, great, these guys are cute

  3. leanna says:

    these pillows are such great ideas! I like them!!

  4. DEBRA says:

    Amazing pillows!thank you

  5. KATHLEEN says:

    Wow those pictures made me feel quite sleepy lol!love the pillows! they’re fun

  6. REBECCA says:

    A good deal of the pillow, you really can not imagine how cute they are, when nothing like relying on them

  7. ANNA says:

    Liked the mix pillow, put in the home for children to play, really happy, thank you

  8. facy says:

    I just received the Mix Color River Rocks Living Stone two days ago , super like this pillow, very lovely, will recommend my friends to buy

  9. Tooru says:

    Gee whiz, and I tuhgoht this would be hard to find out.

  10. Rose says:

    Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on thrugoh.

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