Customer Reviews for Pillows

731 thoughts on “Customer Reviews for Pillows

  1. JANICE says:

    The Mix Color River Rocks Living Stone Pillows and the stone pillows are my favorites.

  2. JUDITH says:

    One began to feel worried about is not the same with the picture, open the package when I received the moment, good fun, with the picture exactly the same, I will continue to focus on your website.

  3. ASHLEY says:

    Size just right, past has been to buy, but did not find, you know your website above to see such a lovely style, finally decided to buy a few, did not let me down

  4. JOAN says:

    I really appreciate you, and now kids loved lying on pillow top bed, watching them so fond of, I think it is worth buying

  5. MILDRED says:

    Very very beautiful, very soft, I will continue to focus on the new styles

  6. JEAN says:

    I like, thank you, I would recommend people to buy

  7. JEAN says:

    Sorry there has been no time to comment, really great, with the picture is exactly the same on

  8. JULIE says:

    Like your pillow, it is to buy a few at home for the children to play, what do you want a few days could reach U.S.

  9. AMANDA says:

    Today received a pillow, from order to receipt only to the 10 days, you can not imagine, great, these guys are cute

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