Living Stone Pillows

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  1. Diosa says:

    Brilliant value pillows. Well filled and great quality. The pillows are fantastic.

  2. MINIfun says:

    I bought 2 of these pillows recently and can honestly say they are the most comfy pillows I’ve ever had and they offer great value for money.

  3. Sasky says:

    This is a very good product at a very reasonable price. Comfortable and supportive especially for the lower back.

  4. Madeline says:

    It has good quality. And it probably is good for someone who prefers higher pillows. For me it’s too big.

  5. JSF says:

    I have tried many different pillows over the years to find one I like and I have to say this is the best pillow I have owned. Large, well filled and most importantly very comfortable. I would happily buy this pillow again.

  6. Mandy says:

    Ive ordered a few of these for all the family. We all think they are very comfortable and they keep their shape well.

  7. jim says:

    These stone pillows are really good, cheap, of high quality and versatile for rooms, cars,etc.

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