Customer Reviews

340 thoughts on “Customer Reviews

  1. Gladys McKenzie says:

    Another excellent transaction! I look forward to future purchases! & Many thanks! :)

  2. Minnie Hopkins says:

    The cushions are even more lovely than I could have imagined. I absolutely love them! Thank you!

  3. Jamie Jonson says:

    Excellent products, customer service and website! Will definitely do business with again.

  4. Wendy Eppinger says:

    Love it! Beautiful! Great coloring! Great gift! Thanks! A seller to be trusted.

  5. Richelle Hightower says:

    Very quickly shipped and are so beautiful. Thank you so much!

  6. Trinidad Anderson says:

    Looks great, thank you! And thanks for the other rock cushions, too!

  7. Carmen Bohannon says:

    Wow, very impressive! my son is going to love it. i’ll be back soon for more!!

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